Patrick Rothfuss


Rothfuss is my most-recommended author, and a modern fantasy superhero.

The Kingkiller Chronicles are beautifully written, epic tales of a flawed man who embarks on a hero's quest.

Naomi Novik


I've read two of Naomi Novik's fantasy books, and they're both utterly compelling fairy tale fantasies.

Spinning Silver weaves the stories of three strong young women as they encounter, marry, and survive the forces of good and evil which threaten the people they love.

Kevin Hearne


The whole series is excellent, especially on audiobook.

Atticus O'Sullivan is a 2,000 year old Druid who encounters the world's pantheons of Gods, and a whole host of mythical creatures on his adventures with his Irish wolfhoud, Oberon, and his kick-ass apprentice, Granuaille.

Laini Taylor


This trilogy is magical - with Angels vs. Devils, and a blue-haired daughter of demons between.

Laini's newest series is just as beautifully-written, and also highly recommended.

Ben Aaronovitch


A paranormal police procedural mystery series set in London present and past. It's funny, clever, brilliant, and a wonderful love letter to one of my favorite cities. It's also an excellent audiobook as the narration is pitch-perfect.

Michael J. Sullivan


The Riyria Revelations series (3 2-book sets) is compelling high fantasy, and excellent in audiobook format.

Robin Hobb


The Liveship Traders is the middle trilogy of three, and was the first one I read. All three trilogies are excellent and can be read in any order.

Megan Whalen Turner


I read this book out loud to my family on a beach in Mexico, and even our neighbors were hooked on this utterly compelling story. Book one in a six-book series

Jeff Wheeler


A six-book high fantasy series suitable for advanced middle-grade and young adult, but excellent for all ages.

Ender's Game


The book was written for adults, but features a brilliant boy. Excellent for advanced middle-grade readers, and one I recommend to everyone I meet.

The Harry Potter Series


A perfect series and brilliant for all ages. I read all seven books out loud to my six-year-old sons, then they read them at ten. Excellent on audio for long drives because they hook everyone!

The Hunger Games


These are brutal and wonderful and totally addicting. An excellent series for reluctant YA readers and adults. They're a bit too violent for middle grade.

Andy Weir


A brilliant, funny nail-biter I read all in one sitting, and have listened to several times since.

M.R. Carey


I hate zombies, and yet, I loved this book for its humanity, its story, and its heart.

Mary Robinette Kowal


A completely compelling alternate history of the 1950s space race with a smart woman with skills. Brilliant audiobook!

Robin McKinley


A fascinating little vampire book that packs a compelling punch.

Amy Harmon


I love Amy Harmon's books, and this romantic fantasy series is excellent.

Pierce Brown


Violent and unabashedly male, it's sci-fi and fantasy combined - on Mars.